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Class of 
2023-2024 Application


To be considered for application to the Leadership Lee County class, applicants must:

  • Live or work in Lee County, Alabama

  • Complete the online application (mail-in applications are not available)

    • This includes uploading your resume, attaching two reference letters, and paying the application fee. 

  • The due date for applications is July 31, 2023.

  • You will be able to save your application "in-progress" for up to seven days if you need to come back and finish it later.

  • You can review a PDF sample version of the application here before submitting it online.

  • Once the application is submitted, you will receive an email confirmation.

  • Your employer will also receive an email asking them to provide their acknowledgement and support of you applying for and participating in the program, if selected.

All applications are subject to confidential evaluation by our Selection Committee.  Participants are selected based on ability, demonstrated interest in the community, and potential for responsible and effective leadership. Due to the size restrictions of each year’s class and the need for diversity in class composition, many qualified candidates may not be chosen for inclusion in the class. However, individuals that may not be selected for this class year are strongly encouraged to re-apply in subsequent years.


  • There is a $25 non-refundable application fee. You will have the option to pay it at the end of the application, or by someone you designate via a separate link. If selected into the class, the application fee will be applied to the tuition balance.

  • Tuition is $1,200 and will be due by October 1st.  Tuition covers the kick-off retreat, monthly sessions, materials, and meals.

  • Tuition is non-refundable, in whole or in part, in the event the applicant fails to complete the program due to non-attendance or for other reasons. 


The Anne Grady Scholarship is awarded each year in honor of the service of Anne Grady to the Leadership Lee County program. The scholarship only covers the cost of the class tuition for the recipient. Recipients are selected on the basis of need, demonstrated interest in the community, and potential for future leadership. You will be asked in the application if you are interested in applying for the scholarship. Please only indicate interest if you will require financial assistance and/or your respective company would not be able to pay the tuition.

The Leadership Lee County program requires commitment from the participant to ensure the best experience. The expectations of commitment are listed below. Please review and ensure that your employee can meet the requirements prior to them submitting the application.


To graduate from the program, attendance is required at the kickoff seminar, reception, and retreat in September and expected at each of the remaining eight sessions (October - May). Also, active participation in any community impact project related work is required. You are permitted to miss two of the regular class sessions and still graduate with your class.  It's the participants responsibility to notify the Executive Director prior to any absence or tardiness.

Typical program schedule includes ten sessions:

  • September: - Kickoff Seminar & Evening Reception; Retreat

  • October - April: Monthly all-day class sessions - typically the second Thursday of each month.

  • May - Final class session & Graduation

The class days are scheduled once a month and consist of a comprehensive, in-the-field study of a specific topic that impacts our community. Confirmed class dates are available here with further session information to be available no later than August 1, 2023. Dates are subject to change throughout the program.

Community Meetings:

  • Attend 1 Board of Education meeting

  • Attend 1 City Council meeting OR 1 County Commission meeting

Community Impact Project:

  • Goal: To collaboratively adopt a community project(s), voted on by the class and approved by the board, that positively impacts the community and promotes the mission of Leadership Lee County. May require additional meetings and fundraising depending on the project.


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